Foundry 2012: Applications are now in.

Thank you to everyone who applied. We will be announcing the Foundry team for 2012 shortly. Watch this space.

What is Foundry?

“What we have is young people messing around to see what can be done. That's a good thing.” ‐ The Atlantic

Foundry is a three-month long paid placement at Mint Digital for new graduates, starting July 16.

We started in 2011 with these two principles:

  1. Don't get graduates in to simply help out on our work.
  2. Look for people who don’t really do what we do, to work on something we haven't done before.

Why? Because you are not cheap labour and we are more interested in a mutual learning environment. Who is to say we can't learn from you?

Last year we set out with the brief: Make something connected to the Internet that doesn't live on a screen. We ended with Olly, the web connected smelly robot. The brief this year is still a secret. Who knows what we will end up making this year?